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Tau™ is the name of Kingwhale’s exclusive range of performance fabrics. It is made from quality raw materials and constructed using advanced machinery to achieve the highest levels of functionality, weather protection, comfort and durability.
Tau™ Performance Fabrics are used in dozens of outerwear, sportswear, activewear and casualwear brands around the world. Bringing together the best production processes and Kingwhale’s unique “Function > Form > Fit System”, Tau™ Performance Fabrics can be customized to incorporate all the latest features such as body zoning, seamless and sew-free bondings, anti-microbial properties and much more.
Tau offers three different series of layer-specific fabrics to get you started:
Base Series
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ThermoCore Series
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Shield Series
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Premier base layer fabric with unsurpassed moisture management and breathability, for a wide-range of uses Insulation layer for highly-efficient regulation of core body temperature. Multiple weights to serve any need Outer layer to provide maximum protection, comfort and breathability
in even the worst conditions

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Highlighted Fabric Technology:
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Fabrics made from recycled, organic or carbonized raw materials to minimize environmental impact and maximize performance.
What does ‘Tau’ mean?
Tau (rhymes with “How”) is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet and is considered an ancient symbol for life. This symbol has also been used to represent the Golden Ratio (Approx. 1.618), which is considered the optimal balance between elements in western art and architecture.
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