While you wait for a response, here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Q. How can I use Tau fabrics in my next apparel range?

A. First, take some time to decide how, where and when the garments will be used. Then give the Kingwhale sales team a call. We’ll do our best to help you decide the “Function>Form>Fit” features that will be incorporated into your custom-designed fabric. We’ll also be happy to discuss the latest trends, technologies and production processes that can make your products more competitive on the market. And if you so choose, you can use our Tau Seal hangtags to help your garments stand out on the rack.

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Q. How can the “Function > Form > Fit” system help my business?

A. Our “Function > Form > Fit” system is an evolution of how fabric is specified. Unlike other garment manufacturers, Kingwhale’s expertise extends to the full technology behind fabric production and development, and so Kingwhale operates at the cutting edge of industry innovations. When we look to the future of performance fabrics, we see the fabrics integration trend of today as just the tip of the iceberg. Separating garment needs based on the 3-layer system is increasingly becoming outdated by new technologies that combine multiple layers into one fabric. The “Function > Form > Fit” system is tailored to help them prepare for the future of fabrics. It provides the greatest flexibility to our partners who need to understand all the now and soon-to-be available options in performance fabric.

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