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We may know how to spin a great yarn, but Kingwhale is much more than simply a fabrics manufacturer. We are always looking for ways to make the fabric and garment process more effective, more flexible and a better value for our partners.
Beyond our established fabrics lines, Kingwhale creates specific fabrics suited to the exact needs of our clients through our exclusive Function > Form > Fit System.
The technical fibers selected impact the suitability of a particular fabric for its intended application. Tau™ fabrics incorporate the full gamut of advanced performance technologies to maximize weather protection, safety and comfort considerations.
The ‘framework’ of a fabric directly influences its performance. Selecting the appropriate weave, knit, finish or dye increases warmth, loft, visibility or wind-blocking abilities. Form also offers multi-layered fabrics, reversibility, body zoning, and cosmetic textures or color patterns.
A balanced and well-designed garment frees the body to move naturally. Tau™ fabrics are constructed to make the most of modern production technologies and achieve the best performing Fit possible.
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